Glass is renowned for its refinement and elegance. It can be used for various purposes. No matter what you use it for, you will find the glass that suits your needs. Here are the types of glass we have in store:

- Regular glass
- Tempered glass
- Figurative glass
- Laminated glass
- Anti-reflective glass for framing
- Pyro-ceramic glass, heat-resistant


Whether you put it in a bathroom, a fitting room or a gym, a mirror is always useful. You can cover a small part of your wall or all of it. We offer several types of mirrors:

- Regular mirrors
- Tinted mirrors, grey or bronze
- Handmade antique mirrors (several models available)
- Transparent mirrors


More flexible and more resistant while also being transparent, plexiglass allows a greater versatility. Here are the different types of plexiglass that we have in store:

- Regular plexiglass
- Coloured plexiglass
- High density polyethylene (HDPE)
- Polycarbonate

Window screen

We repair broken and torn window screens and we manufacture custom ones.

Doors and windows

We offer a complete range of doors and windows adapted to the harsh Quebec weather and respecting the standards. An advisor will guide you in choosing your doors and windows considering your needs and our team of experienced technicians will handle the installation. Here is our list of suppliers by products:

- Residential doors and windows
- Marlboro Doors and Windows
- Maitra Industries
- Maisonneuve Aluminium
- Alumico: Architectural doors and windows
- Interior doors: Portes Béginois
- Concept SGA: Sliding doors

Thermo glass

Your thermo glass is broken, became opaque or can’t clean it because the dirt is between the two panes? This means that the glass is no longer effective and needs to be eventually replaced. The average lifespan of thermo glass is about 15 years. When the sealing cracks around the glass, it lets in the air cancelling its insulating properties. Call us to replace your thermo glass.

Replacement parts

We stock a full inventory of parts and hardware for doors and windows.


Our custom showers are more spacious than the sets sold in stores and are of a much higher quality in addition to offering an incomparable and unique look. Let elegance into your bathroom.

Glass railings

Whether it is for a mezzanine, a balcony or stairs, and depending on how you wish to install them, glass railings offer robustness while keeping a refined style. Here are some of our achievements.


If you wish to build a cellar for your restaurant or your home and want this area to be made of glass, you can contact us. Here are some of our achievements.

Exterior siding

Vinyl, aluminum or millwork wood sidings. Several types of materials and colours are available to you so you can cover your house. These will give style and a different look to your home. We offer a full range of sidings , gutters, and shutters that will appeal to all budgets.