Commercial storefront

The entrance of a store is very important. It’s the first thing customers see. If is is attractive, people will feel like they want to enter in your store. This is why it is important to not neglect its appearance. A quality aluminum storefront can make you save a lot on your electricity bill. Contact us for a quote request.

Architectural curtain wall

Curtain walls allows buildings to have a wide glass surface. They are the emblems of buildings downtown. We work in partnership with architects and managers to make your curtain walls. Here are some examples of our completed projects.

Thermo glass

The glass of your building was vandalized or your office window is fogged? Call us. We will replace your glass as soon as possible.

Glass division and office partitions

Silence is very important in an office as any noise is likely to affect the concentration. A division or a glass partition allows some privacy without the inconvenience of feeling like you are in an enclosed space.

Architectural doors and windows

High quality aluminum doors and windows designed for commercial or residential purposes. Offer greater robustness and larger doors and windows than traditional ones.

Glass design

Thermoformed glass, laser engraving or sandblasting of glass or mirror. We have various options if you wish to personalize and create a unique glass. Whether you want to have a name, a logo, a company slogan, or a design that you like, you will be happy with the result.

Solar film, for safety reasons or decorative

We offer a wide range of solar films for safety reasons, as well as decorative. Contact us for more information and to see sample of our various film models.

Safety grids

Victim of burglary, vandalism or breaking and entering? We offer several models of safety grids for your business or your home that will discourage anyone from venturing in.